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Our mission is to help marginalized and displaced families and individuals escape furniture poverty. Our goal is to give them a helping hand as they get back on their feet and regain stability. By sharing your gently-used furniture, you will tangibly change the life of a neighbour in need.

At Furniture Sharehouse Society, here are three things we consider when evaluating a possible furniture or appliance donation:

Question #1 - Is the item in good condition?

All donated items MUST be in good, usable condition – free from stains, tears, odours or major damage. If you feel comfortable giving items away to a family member or friend in it’s current condition, we may be interested!

Question #2 - Is the piece free-standing, shorter than 6ft, and does not require assembly/disassembly?

In the majority of cases, our clients are moving into smaller apartments. Many also do not own tools. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to move in, set up, and get back on their feet with furniture that will fit their units and that doesn’t require assembly.

Question #3 - Is it something our families need?

While we’d love to accept all donations, our mission is to provide our clients with the essential items needed to create a home. This includes chairs, tables, sofas, dressers, and housewares

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