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We are currently focusing on fundraising with the goal of having our Furniture Removal Enterprise operational by the summer. If you have furniture or housewares that you would like to give us, please subscribe to our updates and we will let you know when we are able to accept items.  

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We are unable to accept donations of housewares or furniture until we have acquired a warehouse space for Furniture Sharehouse Society. We aim to have our furniture removal service operational sometime this summer. If you are able to store your unwanted furniture until then, please fill out the form below and we will contact you with an update when we are ready to serve you. This will help us get an idea of the level of demand that exists for our services and might help us be in a position to offer services a little bit sooner. Thanks for your patience!

What Items Do You Wish To Donate?

Pricing Guidelines:

¼ Truck      (225 Cubic Feet)          $250 -   $400       Get a     $500 - $1,225 Tax receipt

½ Truck      (444 Cubic Feet)          $500 -   $650       Get a  $1,500 - $1,775 Tax receipt

¾ Truck      (749 Cubic Feet)          $750 -   $900       Get a  $2,675 - $3,200 Tax receipt

Full Truck   (894 Cubic Feet)       $1,000 - $1,500      Get a  $3,350 - $4,125 Tax receipt

Thanks for submitting!

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