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As part of a network of similar charities across Canada and the US, we are working with Furniture Link to forge sustainable commercial relationships to divert more household goods from landfill to homes that need them.

We are seeking relationships with removal and moving companies, retailers, manufacturers, government agencies and stakeholders In the Zero Waste movement.

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Partner Agencies

Working Together

Our organization relies on client referrals from partnered Social Service Agencies in order to be sure that our donations are given to those people who truly have the greatest need, such as:

  • Refugees

  • Youth "Aging Out" of Foster Care

  • People Emerging From Homelessness

  • People Rebuilding their Life After Incarceration.  

If you want to receive goods from Furniture Sharehouse, please do not contact us directly. If you have a Social Worker, ask if their organization makes referrals to Furniture Sharehouse Society. Or get in touch with someone at one of our Partner Agencies listed below, to see if you would be a candidate for our services.

 Our Partner Agencies...  

(We Are Adding More Partner Agencies Weekly!)
Daily Dose Society

Partner with Furniture Sharehouse

Do you represent a Social Service Agency that would like to refer clients to receive furniture and housewares from Furniture Sharehouse Society? We are currently in the process of forming our organization and, as such, are not yet fully operational. Please help us get a picture of the level of demand for our services that arises from within our community.  This will help us with fundraising, and allow us to offer our services that much sooner.  We are looking forward to working with you in the near future and helping many people in Victoria turn housing into real homes.

Which demographic(s) of clients do you serve::

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